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Monday, July 07, 2008


A couple of replies to points made on Jerry Pournelle's site

Petronius said

"running an uncontrolled atmospheric "experiment" by raising the CO2 level of the atmosphere is probably not a good thing to do"

To some extent this is true in that the precautionary principle is a sensible idea so long as it is purely precautionery & not the "nothing should ever be done for the first time principle".*

However the one thing we know for certain about increased CO2 is that it increases plant growth which is probably on balance a good thing for food eating creatures.

* From Yes Minister a wonderful British comedy about our civil service. Filmed in the 1970s the civil servant is referring to the guiding principle of all civil service policy. That it became the guiding principle of the Greens may be a coincidence.

You said

"The US appears to be headed for a Great Depression, and the incoming administration and Congress seem determined to make that happen"

If the Chinese economy continues growing at 10% a year I suspect that would make it plain that it was Washington's fault. In which case declarations of independence from the more competent states would look like the most credible option. Whatever Heinlein thought of that (in Friday) it might be a good thing for the same reason that I oppose the EU - that competing small governments limit each other's ability to screw up.

Neil Craig

Look, I am not a PhD in Meteorology-Climatology, however I certainly don't need to be one to spot a transparent fraud aimed at the de-industrialization and eventual impoverishment of the Western free market world.

It is quite clear that "Global Warming",otherwise referred to as "Climate Change" and its bastard step-child, "Peak Oil" (and sundry others pushed by the ecological Fascists,otherwise known as "greens" or "tree huggers" all eventually turn out to be easily proven government and media frauds, but only revealed as such if you switch off the idiot box and bother to do your own independent research.

This "Climate Change" fraud, I might add, is pushed by the very same news media and NWO Fascist politicians who gave us vivisection of live Serbian Christians in the Balkans by Albanian muslims as a symbol of Western "nation building" and "multi cultural/multi ethnic democracy".
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