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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Some significant progress in the fight against Alzheimer's.

UK scientists have developed a drug which may halt the progression of Alzheimer's disease.
Trials of the drug, known as Rember, in 321 patients showed an 81% difference in rate of mental decline compared with those not taking the treatment.
The Aberdeen University researchers said the drug targeted the build-up of a specific protein in the brain.
Alzheimer's experts were optimistic about the results, but said larger trials were now needed.

Nor is this the only advance "Researchers from the University of Melbourne believe they're on the right track, with a study they've presented overnight at an international conference in Chicago" As a rule of thumb when there are more than one way of possibly achieving something it becomes highly likely that at least 1 will work.

I suspect most of us know of somebody who does, or did, suffer from this. By comparison mere death is a clean option.

Apparently it will take 4 years for all the government safety testing of this. The obvious problem is that there are human costs to such delays. I am certain that there are a lot of people whose minds are currently disappearing who would very happily take the risk if it meant they continue to have a life. Indeed the radio is saying that the university have been "inundated" with people phoning up begging to be used in the trials. It is wrong for government to deprive them of that right. There is a place for government testing of drugs but there is no reason why adults should not be able to choose to take non-tested drugs if they choose. Like all bureaucracies government drug testing has grown & grown, more to the benefit of those running it than those who are officially being protected. The law should be changed immediately to allow this.

I suspect we will see this drug being available more quickly in the far east & thus also bought across the internet, whatever the legalities.

I certainly hope so.

Yes, the "on your own head be it" option really ought to be available.
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