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Thursday, May 22, 2008


More vindictive bans

PLANS to outlaw displays of cigarettes in shops have been outlined as part of a range of measures to tackle smoking across Scotland.

The effect of this will be to make shopkeepers lives harder, to make it impossible for purchasers to know what the tobacconist has in stock thus destroying small brands & limiting individual choice & generally economically harmful. It will also help those people bringing in stuff from France & who are selling it illegally anyway. It will not persuade anybody.

It is yet another pointless vindictive ban by the numpties of Holyrood who see pointless rulemaking as their evidence of having cojones (some of the women are the worst).

I have said & stick by the statement that the SNP are better than Labour but it is apparent that this is purely because Labour are so incredibly bad. They have said that improving our economy & producing the "Celtic Lion economy" is their overriding concern I would be interested to see any of them defend this nonsense in those terms.

BBC Radio Scotland naturally gave their unbiased support for this piece of nannying by saying that "in recent years lung cancer has reduced & this proves the smoking ban was justified". The wording used proved that Gary knew the reduction has been going on for many years & that his alleged effect, the decline, came before the ban he alleges caused it. Typical.

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