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Friday, April 04, 2008


Every time I start to think our government can't get more obscene in their behaviour in Yugoslavia - they do. But even so this shocked me.

The KLA. trained, armed & organised by NATO for the deliberate purpose of committing genocide have been kidnapping Serb teenagers, dissecting them & selling their body parts to authorities in NATO countries. Carla del Ponte, the "prosecutor" of the NATO funded war crimes "court" has quietly admitted this deep in her autobiography published yesterday. Presumably she hopes this will free her from accusations of having deliberately covered this up for 8 years & that the western press can be guaranteed to censor it. Our media have indeed censored it though it has been reported in Serbia & Russia where, apparently, the press is not obedient to NATO leaders, as a Google search proves.

Independent Beta news agency carried excerpts from Del Ponte's book, 'Hunt, Me and War Criminals', in which she says that in the course of her investigations she learned that some 300 Serbs were abducted and killed for organ trafficking in 1999. The abductions were allegedly the work of Kosovo Albanians.

'We are checking the informal information that two trucks with imprisoned Serbs from Kosovo went to Albania in 1999,' Serbia's War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic told reporters at a press conference last week where he confirmed the opening of an investigation.

'The informal information on that transfer and the possibility that the imprisoned people were killed so that their organs could be sold to international traffickers came from The Hague tribunal prosecutors,' he added......

According to excerpts from Del Ponte's book, that is to hit the bookshops Apr. 3, her team of investigators had been informed that some 300 Serbs were killed for organ trafficking after being transferred from Kosovo to the small town Burrel, 91 kilometres north of Albanian capital Tirana.

A room in a 'yellow house' outside the town was used as the operation theatre. Organs were extracted from young people there, taken to Tirana airport, and trafficked abroad. Those people were later killed and secretly buried, according to information she cites.

Del Ponte says her team found the house in Burrel in 2003, following leads by 'reliable journalists' and by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) administration.

But despite finding traces of blood in the house which had been re-painted white in the meantime, as well as remains of old, used medical material (gauze, a used syringe, two plastic infusion bags hardened in mud, empty drug bottles, among them of drugs used for muscle relaxation), 'we decided the evidence was not enough. Without bodies or firm evidence that would link any suspects with the crimes, all the possibilities for further investigation for the tribunal's prosecution were closed,' Del Ponte wrote.

'It is devastating for us now to read about this,' head of the Alliance of Families of Serbs Disappeared in Kosovo, Simo Spasic, told IPS. The alliance represents families of the 1,300 Kosovo Serbs whose fate is still unknown since 1998-99.

'On one side, it kills all our hopes to learn what happened to our dearest; on the other hand, why did she wait so long to speak about this particular issue?'

According to Spasic, he met with Del Ponte and her team of investigators in 2001 to plead the Alliance's case. In 2004, he received a call from the Prosecutor's office with information that 'all people you are looking for are dead'.

There can be no question that the NATO leaders knew all about this. Albania was full of NATO troops (Nazi Ashdown spent the war in Albania giving the KLA the benefit of his SBS experience in guerrilla war rather than leading his party) & intelligence services & the fact that "reliable journalists" ie western ones, knew all about it means the politicians did to. When NATO took over the KLA were sworn in en masse as NATO police so this was done by our police.

The ICTY's alleged inability to find evidence is clearly a lie. Parts of a corpse were recently found on Arbroath beach but the policeman did not immediately say "Oh dear there is no signed & notarised confession attached therefore no evidence, better just forget it". It would be easy to trace the owners of record of the house, interview locals etc.

Even easier would be to trace the air flights carrying the body parts. If we have, as a minimum, 300 people (since there are officially 1,300 missing & in fact many more) we are talking about at least 3,000 body parts flown out. Flight records in Europe are easily available, as are customs records which would certainly record this - and the recipients. There cannot be a major surgical hospital in Europe (possibly also the US though flight times would be longer) which was not offered a supply of young body parts, consistent in blood group & rejection spectra, with Serbs, from Albania. To ensure that they did not "go off" sale must have been negotiated prior to dissection. The hospital administrators & doctors could not fail to have been aware that they were soliciting murder yet either not a single one of them went to the police or the police in the NATO countries deliberately decided to protect the KLA.

Tracing the suppliers through the contacts made & money paid would be a straightforward piece of police work infinitely easier than tracking drug dealers.

Even Hitler never practiced this obscenity. One may argue that he would if it had been technically possible but that is irrelevant. There can be no question any more than there is with Hitler, that Blair, Brown, Robertson, Cook the Clinton's, & all the other NATO leaders know of this, as they provably knew the KLA was committed to genocide, & are deliberately guilty of crimes that make common murder & genocide look pleasant.

Equally there can be no doubt that our corrupt media knew of it or that they are deliberately censoring any reporting of it now.

These obscene racist murdering genocidal Nazi cannibal can never, under any circumstances, be allowed to act as moral arbiters on anything. The very best of these cannibal savages & their supporters cannot claim 1/10th the civilisation of Robert Mugabe, 1/1000th that of the Chinese leaders or 1/1,000,000th that of Slobodan Milosevic.

PS There were also numbers of Serb civilians identified as having been in but now missing from missing from camps in Bosnia whom the ICTY have been "unable" to trace. I fear the same happened to them.

And if you thought that the US-NATO-EU alliance could not possibly sink any lower into the depths of depravity (like with Naser Oric's release in June, 2006 after murdering ober 3,800 Serbian civilians in Srebrenica, the US-NATO ICTY Kangaroo Court releases yet another Islamist Nazi mass murderer of defenseless Serbian children and elderly people...

The US-NATO owned Hague ICTY Kangaroo Court has just recently released Albanian KLA mass murderer of Serbs at Glodjane, Kosovo & at the Serbian children's cafe called "Panda" in Pec, Kosovo, back in 1998.

His name is of course Ramush Haradinaj, whom if you recall, was allowed to leave the Hague prison in 2005, so he could - in the words of the Bush US State Department - "conduct his defense from a position of freedom" & return to Albanian KLA-dominated mafia child-sex slavery racketeering, Heroin trafficking politics in Kosovo.

Just type in the following into Google:

Ramush Haradinaj "Massacre in the village of his birth" Glodjane and "Slaughter at a Children's Cafe"

Media reports on Haradinaj's "acquittal" by the Hague Kangaroo Court:
ex-Clinton 'peace envoy' Richard Holbrooke- beneficiary of KLA Narco Terrorist Child Sex Slavery Mafia - gets president of Hague ICTY to free ex-Kosovo PM and KLA war criminal, Ramush Haradinaj, IN ADVANCE of his "surrender" to The Hague ICTY:

"a deal would be struck to ensure that he did not serve prison time for the charges he faced."

US Policy in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean: Time to Stop Choosing Sides, and to Start Choosing Strategic Interests

By Gregory R. Copley,

President, the International Strategic Studies Association.[1]

Presented at the Capitol Hill Conference on

FYROM: The Need for Reassessment of US Policy in the Balkans.

Longworth House of Representatives Office Building,

Washington, DC: April 14, 2005

"The fact that the KLA leader and, until March 8, 2005, Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush (Hilmi) Haradinaj, was indicted for war crimes and taken to The Hague for trial still has not penetrated the consciousness of what is transpiring.

Moreover, in order to somewhat ease the embarrassment of having backed the wrong side — the side of al-Qaida, the narco-traffickers, the true genocidal xenophobists, and the criminal gangs — in Kosovo, the US is in some ways actively working to let Mr Haradinaj out of prison, so that he can “fight his legal battle from a position of freedom”.

"This is a man charged with having directly and personally killed many innocent people, not a politician who allegedly allowed things to happen by default.

The scandal of this particular case has yet to break, but suffice it to say that Albanian mafia linked to the KLA have worked through former US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke — a close associate of the KLA and a beneficiary of its support — to approach the US President of the International Criminal Tribunal on the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Theodore Meron, to see Haradinaj released.[4]

There are reports from within the ICTY that the State Department would approve the release of Haradinaj, and had, in fact, agreed with Haradinaj in advance of his surrender to the ICTY, that a deal would be struck to ensure that he did not serve prison time for the charges he faced."

4] Meron, a professor of law at New York University, was a member of the US official delegation to the Rome talks in 1998, at which the establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC) was discussed. At that conference, he reflected the US line, which was in complete opposition to the foundation of the ICC, but subsequently accepted to be President of the ICC’s subsidiary court, the ICTY.


"In 1999, the KLA unit under Ramush Haradinaj's command killed 40 civilians from the Kosovo village of Glodjani and threw the bodies into the Radonjic Lake canal."

Now the United Nations is investigating him after a shooting incident, an investigation which the US has tried to interfere with. Here are the facts:
In June, 1999, Ramush ordered the killing of four members of FARK (Armed Forces of the Republic of Kosovo), a rival group to the KLA. As is Albanian custom, the brothers of one dead man went to the father of Ramush to ask for their brother’s bones. Ramush later that night went to the brothers, of the Musaj family, where a shooting incident took place.

Ramush was helicoptered to the US base in Kosovo, Camp Bondsteel and then to a United States military hospital in Germany to receive treatment. He is at present in Washington, the guest of congressman Benjamin Gillman, raising funds for his political party before next October’s elections in Kosovo.
United Nations investigators into this incident claim that while Ramush was away, Unites States officials left Bondsteel, went to the village of Strellic, where the incident took place, and removed forensic evidence that Ramush had been present, including the act of taking bullets from walls.

United Nations police reports link Ramush to two well-known Albanian Mafia men, Naser Kelmendi and Ekrem Lluka. Lluka is suspected by UN police of being involved actively in the trafficking of drugs in Kosovo, Greece, Italy and Albania.

British military sources, who asked to remain unnamed, classified Ramush as “a psychopath”.

“Someone would pass him information and he would disappear for two hours. The result would be several bodies in a ditch”.

(Photographs and excerpts from article on details of atrocities against Kosovo Serbs perpetrated by US/UK ally KLA commander & ex-Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj)

"At the end of 1999 the chief prosecutor of the Hague tribunal, Carla del Ponte, announced that an investigation had been started regarding war crimes against the non-Albanian population in Kosovo. The investigation was almost completely blocked until recently because information was not forthcoming from either side, the spokeswoman of the prosecutor's office of the Hague tribunal, Florence Hartmann (Florence Hartmann-Domankusic), told "Reporter". The new government in Serbia, according to Hartmann, has submitted all documentation to The Hague. "Indictments will be issued only against those persons against whom we have evidence," she explained. Zoran Zivkovic, the Yugoslav minister of internal affairs, told "Reporter" that "more than 30 kilograms of various documents were turned over to the head of the office of the Hague tribunal in Belgrade." In the meanwhile, the investigators of this tribunal have collected about 80 testimonials from family members of the missing and witnesses.

Despite increasingly frequent public discussion (in Serbia) that Agim Cheku, Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj are under investigation by the Hague tribunal, Hartmann said that "the investigation is in progress", however, she added that she "never confirmed that these three men are under investigation."


Some photographic evidence of the genocidal atrocities perpetrated against Serbian civilians (including babies being burned alive) by the NATO/UN-sponsored KLA/KPC, can be found at the following links.

I warn our readers here that the images are brutal and graphic and definitely not for the faint-hearted.

I also suggest that readers do a search for the following terms in Google after typing in "Thaci", "Ceku", "Haradinaj",

klecka crematorium,
panda cafe murders

Also, for information regarding the Albanian gangster mentality of "blood fueds" [also known as "Geg culture"] which is based on a 15th Century Albanian text called the Canon [or kanun] of Leke Dukagjini I strongly recommend readers look at the following link:
Exposed: how Kosovo Serbs were butchered for organs

John Bolton: Kosovo will spark islamic extremism in Europe

Kosovo - The Monstrosities of the Albanian Muslim Terrorists

Organ sales probed
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