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Sunday, July 08, 2007


So virtually all of the BBC yesterday was given over to the concert for "raising awareness" of global warming (somewhat in the way the German chancellor used to do speeches "raising awareness" of the Jewish problem).

Well I actually did a bit of channel hopping into it & there seemed to be numerous bits of Jonathan Ross, visibly trying to keep a straight face while promoting this nonsense. Including a 3 way conversation between him Graham Norton & some other prat who all ended up agreeing that even if global warming is all nonsense we should just bring in all the controls anyway just on the off chance, because they will do no harm. £400 million every day may seem to be "nothing" to Mr Ross but not to me.

There was also an advertisement (that is the only word for it) showing somebody using electric gadgets as the water level rose, overnight, forcing him onto the roof. Even excluding the hyperbole about timescale it ignores the fact that even the IPCC now limit sea level rise to about 15 inches (the roof was not that low).

Doubtless all those who claimed Durkin's Global Warming Swindle should be banned because of an apparent error (they had accepted 1 IPCC graph as being genuine when the IPCC had accepted it wasn't, but not very publicly) will be publicly calling on the BBC to correct that error.

At least all the honest ones.

Talking of which the BBC haven't retracted their "Al Gore is a climate scientist" rubbish. Indeed I emailed BBC Radio Scotland yesterday after their news presenter read that "Al Gore was the former US President" - I'll grant that one was only a slip of the tongue though even such slips are psychologically interesting.

In any case, after a full day of this, until the BBC devote at least a couple of hours to some programme by someone as credible as Mr Durkin to the sceptical case, or an entire evening to a debate, in which the BBC do not, as they usually do, choose all the speakers, the terms of the debate & have a loyal MC there are absolutely no circumstances in which it will be credible for anybody to suggest that they are remotely attempting to hold to their legal duty of impartiality.

To that extent it is probably worthwhile for everybody to know where they stand. The amount of political capital the eco-fascists in control of our institutions have invested in a claim of warming which provably is not happening is astonishing & will haunt them.

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