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Sunday, November 25, 2007


I was at a debate in Glasgow University Union on the value of the European Union on Friday.

The supporters of the Union were a Labour MEP, the Green MSP Robin Harper & the Chairman of the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency which is probably a fair division of how pro-EU opinion stacks up - the Greens love Brussels bureaucracy & labour are comfortable with it. Opponents were a Tory MEP, a businessman & David Campbell Bannerman, UKIP deputy leader.

Best line of the evening came from Robin Harper who explained that he was keen on the EU because its regulatory powers would prevent "continuous economic expansion".

Quite true.

I hope the Greens & the Eurocrats will be made to stand by this.

Quite an interesting apres ski bar as well. Talked to Brian Monteith, former Tory MSP with libertarian views who was also expelled from his party & to several student types who had actually heard of the 9% Growth Party & understood what I was on about (including 1 who is a Labour councillor).

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