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Sunday, October 14, 2007


This morning the BBC news headlines on the Andrew Marr show started with the news that England had beaten somebody or other at rugby (a less stylised version of American football without space given for ad breaks). The fact that Scotland had thrashed the Ukraine 3-1 at football (soccer to the Americans) was not mentioned. Now I hate to be one of those Scots who think the media should give Scotland & England equal time on everything (they do outnumber us 10 to one) & I grant that the Scots victory came earlier in the day. Nonetheless beating Ukraine (quarter finalists in the world cup) keeps us at the top of our group also containing France (world cup runners up) whom we beat & Italy (last world cup winners whom we are about to face & are ahead of on points).

This is not a minor achievement & if things which are unexpected are particularly newsworthy then this counts.

Surely if the English result was top of the list this should at least have been mentioned as well. Football is after all a vastly more popular game than rugby.

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