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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


The latest prediction from Electoral Calculus shows the LibDems getting no seats at all on their current average poll rating (13%).

This is a mere 2 years after expelling me on the grounds that I was a traditional economic liberal & also believed that the insane policy of pretending we could have large scale constant power from intermittent & small scale windmills was unwise. To quote myself (always a source of inspiration) speaking for nuclear power at Conference in 2001 to say that we could rely on windmills "would be & would in time be seen to be grossly irresponsible". The electorate are not fools & are, on most things, genuinely liberal minded & would have voted for them had they been genuinely progressive. Indeed it was for being closer to economic liberals, rather than for supporting independence, that the SNP won the last Scottish election.

This collapse is not merely or even primarily because Ming is useless but because the party has adopted lunatic policies & driven out genuinely liberal & progressive members.

I regret more than readers can realise that a party which my father devoted his political life to supporting has been taken over by eco-fascists totally opposed to liberal principles & destroyed by them. I do not think it is now possible to save the party & I would advise those MPs & MSPs who believe in something close to traditional liberalism to leave either individually to some other party or, better yet, collectively (as the Liberal Unionists did last century, as part of an electoral pact. Going down with a sinking ship can be an honourable choice but not if it is flying a false flag.

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