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Friday, December 29, 2006


A sensible article on 4 x 4 emissions & trains

The right to vote


Waste collections

Forth crossing/tunnel

Forth crossing & tunnels


Child abuse

Energy costs

SNP support a Forth Tunnel

Oil wealth

Global epidemics

Government waste

Presidential hopes

CIA "predicted" Yugoslav break up

Biased BBC

Terrorist scares

Trams & monorails

Russians ahead in space

Forecasts of higher taxes

Polar Bear "extinction" is Bull

£982 million extra regulations

SNP prospects

Green hopes


I liked your comment which you contributed to "Rice says the US ready to elect black president"

Its amazing how you can easily determine an individual's integrity (or conversely, blatant hypocrisy - especially those purporting to be "liberal humanitarians") by mentioning Clinton's war crimes and genocide perpetrated against the Serbs in Krajina, Bosnia & Kosovo (via his support of al Qaeda "Mujahedeen" terrorists, Bosnian Islamist Fascists & Croatian Nazis) in contrast to the Western corporate media condemnation of Bush Jr. over Iraq (and to a lesser extent,over Afghanistan).

Take the comments below as an example:

43. dawkins' goat, cork / 8:37pm 23 Dec 2006

NEIL - you are obviously a complete nutter...

37. Scullion, Canada / 7:12pm 23 Dec 2006

#15 Neil
Clinton, Karadzic, Milosevic, Drakulic.
Quick, Great Readerhood, who in this bunch has not been condemned for crimes against humanity? You have one guess.
Neil, I fear you have a hidden agenda that colours your perception of reality. You give yourself away when you say "Yugoslavia". (I daresay you really meant Serbia).

The contributor to the Scotsman article "Rice says the US ready to elect black president" above - a certain "Scullion" from Canada, is clearly a blatant hypocrite.

Need evidence for this? No problem really, because if you read his/her subsequent post (comment #41) you will see that he/she implies condemnation of the Western European powers for their colonialism and imperialism in Africa over several centuries and yet when the subject of Yugoslavia and the very same Western powers' support of genocidal Nazis and Islamist Fascists is brought up by you in comment #15, "Scullion" from Canada shows his/her true (hypocritical) colours by implying that Western powers are of unimpeachable integrity, honesty and morality, by saying:

"Clinton, Karadzic, Milosevic, Drakulic.
Quick, Great Readerhood, who in this bunch has not been condemned for crimes against humanity? You have one guess."

Ahh, of course, how silly of me to forget: Scullion from Canada being so dedicated to his/her version of "liberal democracy", "human rights", "justice" and "truth", fails to tell us that the ones doing the "condemning" for alleged "crimes against humanity" are the very same Western European powers whom he/she condemned for their colonialism and imperialism in comment #41.

So in other words, according to "Scullion" from Canada, its okay for NATO/EU Western powers to murder thousands of innocent civilians from 30,000 feet up and support Nazi and Islamo-Fascist genocide of tens of thousands and ethnic cleansing of over a million and a half Christian and Jewish and Roma peoples in Serbia/Kosovo, Croatia/Krajina and Bosnia/-Herzegovina over a 17 year period from 1990 to the present, but its absolutely NOT okay to do so in Africa against black Africans in the early 20th,19th and 18th Century [because, according to Scullion's own words in comment #41, white Western people have a "superiority complex" in relation to Africa & black Africans but obviously these very same white Western people do NOT have this "superiority complex" against Jews, Roma and Eastern Orthodox Christian Serbs (who are obviously "white" but NOT "Western").

And in case you still weren't convinced of Scullion's blatant anti-Serbian bigotry and racism, he/she obliges by giving you further evidence, with this comment:

"You give yourself away when you say "Yugoslavia". (I daresay you really meant Serbia)."


Wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if "Scullion" from Canada got a job offer from the Guardian,ITN,BBC or GreenLeft Weekly after posting that comment on the Scotsman.
By the way Neil,

HAPPY NEW YEAR and good luck with the 9% Growth Party kicking some Scottish politicians' backsides into action in 2007!!


Ah thiose were the days before the Scotsman online banned me for mentioning facts about Yugoslavia.
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