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Saturday, July 23, 2005


Mi letra en este correo del oeste del extremo de las semanas - esto no puede tener los kudos de una letra de Scotsman pero, puesto que es theoughout libre proporcionado el área, no tiene probablemente un funcionamiento mucho más bajo de la impresión. Puse esto adentro porque era un pedacito molestado por un pedazo del soplo sobre la comisión de la P. M. local a la energía alternativa. Espero que alguien en el lado sustainababble tome los cudgels puesto que no tengo ninguna duda que perderán:

Su del 13 edición de julio contuvo un artículo sobre un grupo del pasillo, la sociedad sostenible de la energía, aprobando la ayuda de nuestra P. M. local de la micro-generacio'n (esencialmente que cubre nuestros tejados con los molinos de viento).

el 55% de la electricidad de Escocia es proporcionado por 2 centrales nucleares, el más extenso de cuál, Hunterston, debe cerrarse en 2011.

Los molinos de viento proporcionan solamente 0,3% de nuestra energía y la micro-generacio'n, mientras que el nombre sugiere, puede hacer solamente una fracción pequeña de uniforme eso. Esto no es una solución seria.

& so on. I have taken to checking thereferralsengine referals to this site (just click on the site meter & follow the signs) & have exactly what has been referred & have found some interesting sites by seeing what else that referral had picked up. It is also quite pleasing to see somebody on the other side of the world reading this, even moreso if mine was among the first sites thrown up by Google.

I get a lot of searches relating to Srebrenica, the video & Yugoslav stuff generally. Perhaps the most surprising one is the searches I get on World's Biggest Economies (last November) which is basically just a reprint of a listing from the www.geographyIQ site together with a rant against politicians who play up how wonderfully we are doing but it seems popular.

However I was really surprised at this - to see a letter reprinted from my local weekend among other things translated into Spanish (I assume) is quite eerie. If this is the standard that automated translations can achieve the web may be about to become a true world community.

Friday, July 22, 2005


My letter in this weeks West End Mail - this may not have the kudos of a Scotsman letter but, since it is provided free theoughout the area, it probably doesn't have a much lower print run. I put this in because I was a bit annoyed by a puff piece about the commitment of the local MP to alternative power. I hope somebody on the sustainababble side takes up the cudgels since I have no doubt they will lose:

Your 13th July edition contained an item about a lobby group, the Sustainable Energy Partnership, approving our local MP's support of micro-generation (essentially covering our rooftops with windmills).

55% of Scotland's electricity is provided by 2 nuclear plants, the more extensive of which, Hunterston, is to close in 2011.

Windmills only provide 0.3% of our power & micro-generation , as the name suggests, can do only a small fraction of even that. This is not a serious solution.

Nuclear is reliable, non-polluting, CO2 free & at 2.3p per unit (or less for new reactors) easily the most economical power source.

According to Help the Aged figures 24,000 pensioners die each year in the UK from fuel poverty.

If we do not replace our current nuclear plants with at least equal capacity we are going to have massive blackouts & even more deaths.

Our MPs have a duty to do something serious about this not playing around with token & subsidised windmills unnecessarily pushing up our electricity bills.

Lenin once said that socialism would be achieved by "Soviet power & the electrification of the whole country" - it is unfortunate to see the present generation of "socialists" instead embracing Ludditism to usher in a new dark age.

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