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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Yesterday I received the following letter, without any warning whatsoever:

Membership of the Scottish Liberal Democrats

I am writing to you on behalf of the Executive Committee of the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

At its most recent meeting held on this month in Edinburgh the Executive Committee unanimously passed a motion put to it by Executive Member Norman Fraser of Greater Glasgow Regional Party that you should be expelled from membership of the Party as the Executive was of the opinion that your continued membership would be seriously detrimental to the interest of the Party. This was under the terms of Clause C11(b) of the Scottish Party Constitution.

The main arguments in favour of the motion related to postings on your website and letters to the press regarded as illiberal & irreconcilable with membership of the Party.

Under the terms of Clause C11(c) of the constitution I am required to inform you of the decision and advise you that you are entitled to send me a submission in writing as to why the Executive Committee should not proceed at its next meeting to expel you. As the next meeting is on 21st January 2006 I would appreciate any letter of submission you would wish to make by Monday 16th January 2006.

At its meeting on 21st January the Executive Committee will hold a secret ballot which will require a 2/3rds majority to terminate your membership.

In the meantime I am also required to inform you of a further decision by the Executive Committee under Clause 12 of its constituion. That was to suspend you from the rights & privileges of membership for a maximum of three months from receipt of this letter while the question of termination of your membership is under consideration.

Yours Sincerely
Dr Derek A. Barrie
(Chief of Staff, Scottish Liberal Democrats)
There will be more on this - trust me.

What have you been saying then?
And you are worried, why? If they don't want you, why not tell the egregious bunch of bums the finger?


I'm sorry to hear that.

That is indeed being purged. If you pay your subs by direct debit, make sure you cancel it before Christmas...and do let those Executive Members Norman Fraser and Dr. Derek A. Barrie know...
The letters mentioned are all on reprinted on this site & obviously the website is here to.

I have asked them to say what particular sentence in any letter is complained about & is "illiberal" & am still awaiting a response.

Wjile I would not quite use the description you did DK I suspect some of the committee may think that by publishing this I am doing something similar.

G-Gnome I don't know Derek barrie at all, I think he is just the manager. I do know Norman Fraser & am not able to make an impartial judgement.
The L-Ds being very unusual...well that is until you watch their annual conference. Is there anything the L-Ds don't want to ban?
According to Wikipedia the Lib Dems are:

"...wary of the powers of the State over individuals, and as a principle seek to minimise State intervention in personal affairs. Because of this the party took a strong stand against the British participation in the war in Iraq..."

"...although they were the strongest advocates of the Kosovo War and before that, intervention in Bosnia."

If you are "wary" of the powers of the State, then you cannot condemn the use [or abuse] of the powers of the State in some cases, but then SUPPORT it in others. The State is NOT God nor is it your mother/father/protector.

We don't need the State, or its allied organs of propaganda [the corporate media] telling us who or when it is justified to kill or torture people one day, and who or when it isn't okay to kill/torture the next.
"By definition, a government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more."

"The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants."

Albert Camus
Might the reason be the references to "Nazi Ashdown", "Paddy Ashdown: the neo-colonial overlord [Office of the High Representative]", etc? I'm sure that the Lib Dems (of whom I'm not a member myself) allow constructive criticism, but there are still such things as manners.
Dear Sir/Madam,

It is now indisputable that Paddy Ashdown actually supported Nazi leaders in Bosnia,Kosovo & Croatia WITTINGLY [i.e with full knowledge of the genocidal intentions of who he was supporting].

Paddy Ashdown supported Balkan Nazi leaders who were OPENLY committed [i.e through PUBLIC statements & writings] to genocide & ethnic cleansing of ALL Serbs in Croatia, Bosnia & Kosovo.

If outright SUPPORT for Balkan Nazi thugs who openly are committed to genocide & ethnic cleansing -and then actually carried out their threats - with the political support for these Nazis NOT being withdrawn after the crimes were committed; if that does not make one a Nazi, exactly what does?

Mr. Ashdown has also BEHAVED like a Nazi dictator by forcing the VICTIMS of a genocide to CONFESS to the crime of genocide which they did NOT commit by abusing his vast power to threaten people with immediate dismissal if they refuse to obey his orders.

Have any doubts? Check out the following:

Is it "impolite" & "bad manners" to expose an ex-party leader's support for Nazi thugs who openly declare,and then actually carry out the crime of genocide?

Is it "impolite" to expose the ex-party leader when he refuses to acknowledge & condemn the crime and break off all association & political support for the perpetrators of such crimes?

Is it "impolite" when it is later on revealed that this very same ex-party leader instead FORCED the actual VICTIMS of the said crime to CONFESS to the very same crime of genocide that they never even committed in the first place but were instead victims of?

Is it "impolite" to expose the ex-party leader when he THREATENED the political leaders of the victims of the crime with losing their jobs if they refuse to confess to a fabricated report?

Is it "impolite" or "bad manners" to reveal that this ex-party leader attempted to COVER IT ALL UP by abusing his authority as High Representative?

On the contrary, it would be "bad manners" & "impolite" to the UK public if we all just simply shut up about it for fear of being expelled from the party.

Not only does the ex-party leader in question deserve to be exposed for his crimes on a website, he actually deserves to be held accountable by being put ON TRIAL for obstruction of justice and aiding & abetting genocidal Nazi war criminals, NOT merely having to suffer the minor "impoliteness" of being referred to as a "Nazi" on a website.

I don't think anybody deserves to be expelled from a party for exposing an ex-leader's crimes by referring to him as a "Nazi", if indeed it has been proved that the ex-party leader supported the very same people who carried out the crime of genocide and then mis-used his authority to try and cover it all up.

ALL politicians should be held accountable for their crimes - both current & ex-party leaders in your own country - not just the demonized ones in foreign countries, but also "our" leaders & ex-leaders in the so- called "civilized" West.

Otherwise, we are all nothing more than a bunch of blatant hypocrites.

Best regards,

Pete Robert North.
More URL links on viceroy Ashdown's abuse of his former position as 'High Representative' & his criminal & arrogant behaviour in supporting Al Qaeda linked Islamist terrorist groups & avowed genocidal Nazis in the Balkans with their plans to ethnically cleanse and/or kill the few remaining Serbs in Kosovo & in the Republic of Srpska [Bosnian Serb areas] in Bosnia Herzegovina.
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There are things I can not understand but I will learn it. I think nothing is too late. Then I realized that I had improved a lot.

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