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Friday, May 29, 2009


This letter & also a press release went out to all & sundry across the UK press & broadcasters. I later got an acknowledgement from Channel 5 for the release which suggests they at least thought about it & a phone call form Aberdeen's PRESS & JOURNAL just to check I was who I said I was. It is in today unedited (the online edition is missing a sentence but is in the paper version. I don't know if it is anywhere else. I am pleased that "scientific illiteracy" among others wasn't edited into something more laid back. I doubt if SEPA will dare to respond but here's hoping.
Dear Editor,
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) have recently claimed, as part of their scare campaign about alleged artificial radium at Dalgety Bay to have found "Radium & its associated daughters" mixed together. They are clearly ignorant of the fact that the "daughter element" produced by the breakdown of Radium is Radon an essentially unreactive gas which could not possibly be found mixed with solid radium. The scientific illiteracy of this untruth is staggering & not only disproves the claim to have found manmade radium but shows that SEPA lack scientific competence.

According to one report SEPA paid for "the highest reading recorded at Dalgety Bay was still less than 2/3rds that found in a typical Aberdeen street." There should be a thorough, independent & public investigation into the entire expensive organisation.

Neil Craig

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