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Friday, September 26, 2008


Follow up to yesterday's article & my remarks about Green MSP Robin Harper saying that for the amount we are paying for EDF to build reactors we could pay to insulate enough houses to save more electricity than the 2 x 1 gigawatt reactors they intend to build.

This was clearly a lie & I emailed the green party asking them to prove or dissociate themselves from this claim or provide any factual evidence for it.

Well this morning I got this reply from Mr Harper (emphasis added) so clearly the Greens are all standing by his lie.
Dear Mr. Craig
The Green party have supported Energy Action Scotland in their work for a decade and more. Insulation of old peoples homes is an absolute priority. It cuts fuel bills, sometimes by as much as 60%.

Spending money on electricity generation does not reduce the cost of electricity, no matter where the money comes from, Government or Private, we pay for it through taxes and charges - the only way to guarantee that pensioners can afford to pay for their heating is to make sure they do not need to use much energy in the first place, by making their houses super efficient. Our policies cut fuel bills permanently

Best wishes
Robin Harper MSP

My reply:

Dear Mr Harper,
I am forced to recognise this statement (the highlighted bits) & the one you made yesterday as representing the highest standard of honesty of which you & the Green Party are capable.

On the other hand your claim that money, coming from France, invested by EDF, including the more than £4 billion being paid to the Exchequer actually comes from our Exchequer is obviously a complete total 200% lie.

The claim that cutting electricity prices by up to 2/3rds, rather than more than doubling it as with the windmills you wish, would not make them more affordable is also obviously, equally dishonest.

You have proven beyond any possible dispute that you pensioner murdering eco-fascists are willing to tell absolutely any lie, no matter how obvious in your attempt to impoverish us & drag us back to the caves.

Perhaps you would care to produce some evidence that, as you assert, the fuel bills of Scotland's pensioners have now been cut & by you. Perhaps not.

The record of the eco-Nazi movement, from claiming that we are going to have a new ice age, half the world dying of starvation/pollution all predicted for many years ago, etc., etc., through to the present means that these lies are no surprise. The fact that you have been involved in killing more people than Hitler means that your obscene & cynical lies about "helping" the pensioners you are trying to murder are also to be expected.


Neil Craig

Should anybody in the green movement produce any evidence that the government are secretly providing all the money EDF are going to spend or that this money actually would, if used to subsidise insulation, actually save more electricity I will be happy to publish it.

I look forward to seeing their reply!
Watermelon Marxists: green on the outside, red on the inside.
Actually, most environmentalists could more accurately be called ecopagans.
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