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Saturday, July 26, 2008


I have received this response from Ofcom to my complaint on Tuesday
Thank you for contacting Ofcom.

We’ve noted your concerns about unbalanced reporting recently.

With regards to the BBC output you referred to, while the Ofcom Broadcasting Code does contain rules relating to accuracy and impartiality, under the terms of the Communications Act these rules do not apply to BBC services – such matters are, ultimately, regulated by the BBC Trust. If you have not done so already, any concerns about this matter should be addressed directly to the BBC itself. The BBC's single point of contact for viewers and listeners complaints in the first instance is:


PO Box 1922, Glasgow, G2 3WT

Tel: 03700 100 222

We will be happy to review your concerns about the Classic FM coverage you referred to if you could confirm the date of the broadcast in question.

Yours sincerely
Alistair Hall

Thank you Mr Hall. I have taken your advice & sent complaints 2-6 to the BBC as well. The broadcast by Classic FM referred to under the title Complaint 7 - CLASSIC FM 10 AM took place at 10 AM on the same day as the date of the previous complaint ie Tues 22nd July (which was 2 before the email making the complaint).

You make no mention of investigating the first complaint Complaint 1 - Channel 4 news 7.30 which took place, as described, on the previous day at 7.30.

I look forward to your judgement which hopefully will not take as much detailed investigation & therefore time as the Warming Swindle one but will be settled according to the same standards.

I also wish to add a further complaint

ITN News at Ten 10.00 Tuesday 22nd July
ITN broadcast their "concentration camp" video, with statements from its creator Penny Marshall, saying specifically that it proved that Karadzic's regime had run concentration camps.

For balance ITN should have mentioned ITN vs LM Magazine wherein the judge told the jury to make their decision on the basis that pictures shown had been fabricated, though it was LM's duty to prove that Ms Marshall & ITN had not fabricated it accidentally.

The judge's remark "Ian Williams, Penny Marshall, and her camera crew openly contradict themselves if they say they did not realize they were surrounded by the old barbed wire fence" when producing a film that appeared to show her & the crew outside the fence & thus incorrectly show the camp's inhabitants as being inside it. This should have been included along with their testimony on oath that they had fabricated it accidentally & would not have allowed it to be broadcast in such a way as to suggest it could show a concentration camp if they had noticed that that is what it did.

Since a judge is, by definition, not representative of the other side it would also have been proper to have interviewed somebody on the other side who could mention the apparent contradiction between ITN & Ms Marshall saying, under oath, they had not meant to produce a fake impression this was a concentration camp & their now, years after the truth was proved in court, making precisely that claim.

I have also had a letter from Ofcom saying that my previous complaint - about C4 having stated they were "going to report all sides" in a discussion on warming & then have only 3 talking heads all on the warming side & no sceptic -was time expired.
I have sent complaints 2-6 to the BBC saying the "BBC clearly breached such rules by not permitting those on the other side to speak. I assume you do not publicly support greater bias" than Ofcom.
Further responses & judgements will be reported here.

Does it ever ocurr to you that you are wasting people's time with this shit?
I am only wasting their time if they aren't really remotely interested in ensuring balance, honesty etc & are merely enforcing propaganda lies. If they honestly intend balance they will welcome my pointing out its lack.

So yes it does.
The Concentration-Camp-that-wasn't should be used as an example at school of lying with a camera. Did the voice-over lie too?
Hi Dearieme,

Excellent point you raised.

There was no original audio in Penny Marshall's ITN footage which is how they pulled this scam off.The voice over did not say "death camp" or "concentration camp" either. ITN didn't have to say anything of the sort.

ITN says that at the time of the broadcast, in early August 1992, they did NOT use the term "concentration camp" or "death camp" in the voice over so they were not to blame for everyone labelling them as such.

However that is highly misleading.

WTN (ITN's very closely related company, in which it held a 10 percent stake back in the 1990's) did on-sell the footage all over the world and provided a printed description sheet (dope-sheet) which did indeed refer to Trnopolje refugee camp as a "concentration camp".

Here is what ITN's closely related company, WTN, wrote in their dope-sheet accompanying the infamous footage they sold world-wide:

'A British news team has the first independent proof of concentration camps being run by the Serbian authorities in Bosnia-Hercegovina.’

Apart from "zoom-in", "masking", "panning" and clever editing, the fact that there was no original audio was how the deception was successfully accomplished.

Go here to see how Marshall,Williams,Vulliamy & Irvin created the footage that fooled the world [you will hear audio of one of the refugees trying to get through Marshall's thick skull that they are NOT in any kind of "prison" at all, but that they are at a REFUGEE CAMP instead!]

you will need RealPlayer to view the video, available at:
And here's some more coverage:
Guardian still using the "concentration camp" photo even Ewan though ITN's defence was that though faked it had been accidentally faked.
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